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Your team may or may not want to have a Members Only area. You can easily delete this section if you don't want or need it (note: destroying the 'top level' navigation page will delete the sub-pages too). Any page can be made private, not just pages in this section of your site. You can move these private pages to another section of your site (such as under the "About" page). 

If you decide to keep this page and sub-pages, you may want to let folks know on this page that they need to be signed in to be able to see the sub-pages. A simple message like "These pages are for members only. Members should log in to view content on these pages" should be sufficient.

You'll see that we've added a few sub-pages for you that are set to "Private." If team members are logged in, they will see the content you place on each of these pages. If someone visiting your site is not logged in, the "sign in" page will appear for them when they try to visit a "Private" page. The pages we've created for you are: 

  • Team Directory 
  • Photos

Some other common sub-pages to have under the "Members Only" page could include:  Booster minutes, Booster budget, discount codes to sponsor retailers, or any other information you'd like to shield from public view.

To add pages go to Manage Site > Edit Navigation > Add Page. Once you've created your page, simply drag it where you'd like it in the navigation; see this Help Center article for more information. Mark pages private from the "Properties" tab of any page. 

This content can be easily deleted as you create your own content: go to Manage Site > Edit Page Content and click on the pencil icon in the upper right corner of this Text Area.

You may rename, move, or delete this page by going to Manage Site > Edit Navigation.  Note: if you delete a top-level page that has sub-pages, all sub-pages will be automatically deleted. For more information, see our Help Center article here.

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SCHS Viper Swim Team Store

  1. SCHS Viper Swim Team - Speedo Women's Aquablade Recordbreaker Tech Suit Swimsuit
  2. SCHS Viper Swim Team - Speedo Men's Aquablade Jammer Tech Suit Swimsuit
  3. SCHS Viper Swim Team - Sporti Solid Thin Strap One Piece Swimsuit
  4. SCHS Viper Swim Team - Sporti Solid Wide Strap One Piece Swimsuit
SwimOutlet Team Store
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